Contact List

Cindy Perry
(740) 593-1871
Post Award Accounting, Letter of Credit Drawdowns, External Audits, Invoicing and Financial Reporting, and Cost Share Documentation

Angela LeMaster
Assistant Manager
(740) 593-1867
Invoicing and Financial Reporting, Account Management, Cost Share Documentation, Trainer ORACLE FMS Project Accounting, A-133, Subcontract Management

Christy Arnold
(740) 593-1868
Account Setup and Management, Invoicing and Financial Reporting, Daily Transaction Imports, Integrity Check, and Cost Share Documentation

Michelle Allison
Accounting Specialist
(740) 593-1870
Payroll Distribution, Cost Share Documentation, and Time and Effort Reporting

Linda Sheets
Accounting Specialist
(740) 593-0726
Deposits, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing and Financial Reporting, Billing Authorizations, Accounting Corrections, and Cost Share Documentation

Sherri Gilbraith
Accounting Specialist
(740) 593-1902
Audit Payment Forms, Concur and Bobcat BuyTransactions, and Accounting Corrections