Meeting Materials: Agendas and Resolutions


Meeting Agendas


May 5, 2014


March 17, 2014
     • Proposed General Education goals (final draft from the General Education Task Force)
     • General Education Feedback/Surveys

April 14, 2014
     • Candidates for Faculty Senate officer positions
     • Updated General Education Goals


Pending Resolutions


A Draft Sense of the Senate Resolution on Costs of Intercollegiate Athletics
         For Discussion and Input May 5, 2014

A Resolution on Revision of Language Concerning Notifications of Medical Visits
         For First Reading May 5, 2014

Resolution to Clarify the Status of Retired Group I and Group II Faculty Reappointed to Part-Time Positions after Retirement

For first reading, March 17, 2014
Final Resolutions


A Sense of the Senate Resolution on Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
         Rules Waived and PASSED May 5, 2014
A Resolution to Endorse the General Education Common Goals
         PASSED May 5, 2014
A Sense of the Senate Resolution on Guidelines for the Implementation Plan on Faculty Compensation

             PASSED April 14, 2014
A Resolution to extend excused absences for student military members participating in military reserve training days
PASSED February 10, 2014
A Sense of the Senate Resolution on the Report of the Faculty Total Compensation Task Force
PASSED February 10, 2014
A Resolution to Update Language on Faculty Senate Meeting Dates
PASSED December 9, 2013
SIGNED January 6, 2014
A Resolution to Alter EPSA Member Obligations
PASSED October 14, 2013
SIGNED October 28, 2013