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Refuse and Recycling has also worked to implement a plan for re-usable items. All reusable items should be placed next the the recycling areas and dumpster areas. All re-usables will be collected by Campus Recycling.

The following items are Re-Usable.
Do not throw the following items out.
Place them in any of the recycling areas!

Unfinished notebooks Luggage/Backpacks
Pens & Pencils Science equipment
Cinder blocks Magazines
Art paper Hangers & Closet organizers
Unopened food Shelving
Books Electric components
Bed frames Clean mattresses & pads
Plants & plant holders Aquariums & terrariums
Banners Clean clothing & linens
Intact furniture Toys & sports equipment
Coolers & refrigerators Curtains
Wood of all types Folders, notebook binders
Art Computer disks
Unused detergent School, office or art supplies
Appliances Clean carpeting
Dishes/Silverware Posters/Pictures or frames
Anything re-usable  
All sellable inventory should be directed to Facilities Moving and Surplus Management Office at (740) 593-0231 or e-mail Gary Dicken at dickeng@ohiou.edu
Contact Information:
Recycling & Refuse · Tel: 740.593.0231 · Fax: 740.593.0638   
Please send your questions or comments about this Web site to Recycle@ohio.edu  
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