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Facilities Planning Advisory Committee

Capital Planning Approval Process Flow Chart:

Meeting Minutes:

Committee Description:

The Facilities Planning Advisory Committee (FPAC) is a broad-based constituent group that is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Facilities. The committee meets no less than five times during the academic year to provide advice and consultation to the President and others as warranted on the following issues and tasks:

  • Consultation and oversight of all planning for major capital projects on the Athens and regional campuses, including the 6-year major capital improvements plan;
  • Review of the state biennial capital improvements plan and the state-funded basic renovation plan for all university campuses;
  • Coordination with Graduate Education and Research Board (GERB) regarding capital improvement plans;
  • Review of the Housing Capital Plan and the Dining Services Capital Plan in terms of major capital projects for these auxiliaries.

Membership of FPAC consists of the following:

  • Associate Provost
  • Faculty (3)
  • Deans (2)
  • Department Chair (1)
  • Undergraduate Student (1)
  • Graduate Student (1)
  • Student Affairs (1)
  • Residential Housing (1)
  • Regional Higher Education (1)
  • Research Representative (1)
  • Administrative Sentate (1)
  • Classified Sentate (1)

The student leaders serve a one-year term while all other members serve staggered three-year terms. Academic and administrative representatives will serve three year terms. These representatives will be replaced in a rotating fashion, with approximately one-third of the representatives being replaced every year, and newly-appointed academic unit representatives being selected from units not currently serving on the committee.

The Associate Vice President of Facilities, the Director of Facilities Planning and Space Management, and the Associate Provost for Finance and Planning serve as staff support.


Contact Information:            

Dick Planisek, Director of Facilities Planning & Space Management    planisek@ohio.edu
Tel: 740.593.2730


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