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In addition to the sorting, pick-up and delivery of campus and U.S. Mail, Mail Services provides many other valuable services for all departments of Ohio University:


> Prepare and send first-class letter mail at a reduced rate.
Departments currently receive a postage discount of two cents per piece. Reduced postage is applied by Mail Services, each piece is presorted to its destination, and an USPS approved post-net address barcode is applied. Your letters reach their destination much faster and your department saves money on postage.


> Prepare and send Standard A (third class) Bulk Mailings at reduced rates.
Each piece in the bulk mailing receives an address barcode, is presorted and receives at least a five-cents-per-piece discount. Depending upon the mail piece design and where it is being mailed, you may be eligible for additional discounts. Additionally, your mailpieces reach their destination in a more timely manner. Mail Services now has the ability to generate barcoded address labels or we can apply a barcoded address directly on the mail piece. (Barcodes are CASS certified. A requirement for postage discounts offered by the USPS.) More information about this service is available, as well as rate information for mail preparation services.


> Ship all parcels in the most efficient and timely manner.
Mail Services has a new shipping system that allows us to utilize any carrier and get your package to its destination when it is needed to arrive and at the most economical cost. The new shipping system allows us to "rate shop" for the "best deal." Mail Services offers pick-up for your parcels, and saves you money, time and extra work.

Send any type of mail, package or parcel that has to absolutely, positively be sent "Overnight-Next Day Express" at a savings of over 40 percent. Mail Services will pick up your letter, parcel or package, and send it "Overnight-Next Day Express" for you. No hassles with arranging a pick-up, no hassles with payments or billings, Mail Services takes care of it all and at no additional expense to your department. Mail Services saves you time and money, and insures your item arrives at its destination on time and at a reduced cost. At your request we will E-mail you your tracking number (NOT available with USPS).

Consult with any university department regarding mailing rules and regulations, including the design of mailpieces.

  Mail Services
Building #8 The Ridges
Athens, Ohio 45701
Tel: 740.593.1850

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