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Beginning April 1, Mail Services will become part of the Ohio University Auxiliaries team; the departmental transition will not yield a fundamental change in the day-to-day operations of Mail Services.

Ohio University Auxiliaries works to provide efficient, high quality service to all campus customers and guests. These Auxiliaries units currently include: Airport Operations, Bobcat Essentials, Culinary Services, Moving & Surplus, Printing Services/Campus Signage and Ohio University Regional Services.


Mail Services wants each and every department on campus to take advantage of cost -and time- saving programs. We realize that the mailing needs of each department vary and we are willing to work with each and every department on an individual basis to ensure that your mail is handled in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Intro - General Information U.S. Mail and Campus Mail are delivered once a day to all university departments. Bulk mail, parcels, and Express Mail are picked up on a special collection run daily.

For more information about delivery, collections, and hours.

Intro - Services Provided In addition to the sorting, pick-up and delivery of campus and U.S. Mail, Mail Services provides many other valuable services for all departments of Ohio University.
Prepare and send first-class letter mail at a reduced rate.
Prepare and send Standard A (third class) Bulk Mailings at reduced rates.
Ship all parcels in the most efficient and timely manner.

Intro - Proper Address Forms Print clearly name and address. Failing to include a complete address will result in delays and mail being returned to sender, if known.
For all Classes of Outgoing U.S. Mail
For Campus Envelopes
For Ohio University Incoming U.S. Mail
Zip Code Lookup and Address Information
Using Endorsements

Intro - Forms

Online Mail Charge Form
• Address Quality Certificate for Bulk Mailings   [PDF]
• Shipping Order Form        [PDF] [EXCEL]
• Stamp Request Form        [PDF] [EXCEL]
• Regional Mail Slips Form   [PDF] [MS Word]
• FedEx Login Set Up Form  [MS Word]
• UPS Login Set Up Form     [MS Word]

• DHL Login Set Up Form     [MS Word]

  Mail Services
Building #8 The Ridges
Athens, Ohio 45701
Tel: 740.593.1850

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