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Graduate students are the backbone of our research programs. You bring your personal interests, expertise, and passion, and we find ways to connect them with research dollars. For more information about graduate research opportunities, get in touch with departments or research centers to learn about current openings, or contact Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Research, and Planning Shawn Ostermann at 740.593.1482.


  • Avionics Engineering Center: Mike DiBenedetto, 740.593.1515
  • Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment: Ben Stuart, 740.593.9455
  • Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology: David Young, 740.593.0283
  • Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research: Gerardine Botte, 740.593.9670
  • Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment: Gayle Mitchell, 740.593.1470
  • Center for Scientific Computing and Immersive Technologies: Lonnie Welch, 740.593.1575
  • Center for Advanced Systems and Transportation Logistics Engineering: Robert Judd, 740.593.0106
  • Center for Advanced Materials Processing: Khairul Alam, 740.593.1558