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Our distinguished faculty actively research and publish in major peer-reviewed publications. Learn more about their findings by selecting a year below.

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Journal Article, Academic Journal (6)

  • Welch, L., Welch, L., Drews, F. WordSeeker: Concurrent bioinformatics software for discovering genome-wide patterns and word-based genomic signatures. BMC Bioinformatics, 2010, 11(Suppl 12):S6.
  • Lichtenberg, J., Yilmaz, A., Seaman, J., Liang, X., Lee, S., Ecker, K., Grotewold, E., Welch, L. The Word Landscape of the Arabidopsis Genome. BMC Genomics.
  • Irwin, D., Frazier, W. Designing Reduced-Order Linear Multivariable Controllers Using Experimentally Derived Plant Data. 1. AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics; 16: 53-58.
  • Nazzal, M., Mogawer, W., Kaya, S., Bennet, T. Multi-Scale Evaluation of the Composite Asphalt Binder in High RAP Mixtures. ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering.
  • Welch, L. An integrated bioinformatics approach to the discovery of cis-regulatory elements involved in plant gravitropic signal transduction, X. Liang, K. Shen, J. Lichtenberg, S.E. Wyatt, and L.R. Welch. International Journal of Computational Bioscience 1:33-54. 2010.
  • Welch, L. “Scalable parallel word search in multicore/multiprocessor systems,” Frank Drews, Jens Lichtenberg, Lonnie Welch. The Journal of Supercomputing 51(1):58-75. 2010 Jan.

Cited Research (1)

Book, Scholarly (1)

  • Welch, L. Genome-scale Pattern Analysis in the Post-ENCODE Era, Laura Elnitski, Helen Piontkivska and Lonnie Welch Editors. World Scientific Publishers, Hackensack, NJ, 2011.

Technical Report (1)

  • Odunaiya, S., Sims, G. Results of Measurements to Validate the Ohio University VOR Model Version 1.1. Avionics Engineering Center, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701: OU/AEC 92-67 TM00006/11-2.

Conference Proceeding (2)

  • Raffle, H., Smith, M., Young, V., Juedes, D. Developmental Evaluation of Multi-Level Mentoring Systems for Appalachian STEM Students. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico; 7.
  • Riley, B. Drowsey Driving Detection by ECG Analysis Using Wavelet and K-means Clustering. 1877-0509. Elsevier,Procedia Computer Science;

Journal Article, Professional Journal (1)

  • Jadwisienczak, W., Beltran-Huarac, J., Resto, O., Carpena-Nunez, J., Weiner, B., Morell, G. Single-crystal γ-MnS nanowires conformally-coated with carbon. 2. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces; 6: 1180–1186.

Research Report (3)

  • Irwin, D. Active Control Technique Evaluation for Spacecraft. AFWAL TR-88-3038. Dayton, OH: Wright Aeronautical Laboratories, Wright-Patterson AFB.
  • Irwin, D. Advanced Structural Control Techniques. Contract F30602-84-C-0012. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
  • Irwin, D. Critical Issues in the Development of Future Interceptor Missiles. Contract DAAH01-84-DA005. Huntsville, AL: U.S. Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal.

Software (1)

  • Irwin, D. OUCADS. Athen, OH: Ohio University.

Manuscript (1)

  • Vancouver, J., Morris, S., Morse, B., Smart, M., Tamanini, K., Fried, D., Zhu, J., Lui, S. Developing a new goal: A control theory approach to goal origin.