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Undergraduate Programs

  • Take your love of flight to a higher level. Coursework in business and management will prepare you for all aspects of the industry.

  • Transform raw chemicals into products for commercial-scale production in an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient way.

  • Support society with the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of roads, bridges, buildings and water systems-even creating environmentally sustainable and green infrastructure.

  • Learn the fundamentals of computing: software development, programming languages, computer architecture- while getting the chance to work on iPhone apps and video game engines.

  • Study everything from electric power to GPS to the latest smart phone technology, or choose computer engineering and learn to research, design, develop, and test computer hardware and software systems.

  • How do things work? How are they made? How can you improve them? Make processes more efficient and affordable, faster and safer, and increase quality.

  • Increase efficiency, save money, and improve processes for anything from supply chains, manufacturing systems, distribution centers, and transportation systems, to medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

  • Lightweight snow skis or clean-coal technology? Create machines for transportation, recreation, and the production of energy or goods.