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Ohio University is open; the transformer failure that temporarily closed the West Union Street Office Center on Wednesday has been fixed. The building will reopen for business on Thursday morning.

OIT Tech Support can still be reached by calling 3-1222. More Information

Graduate Programs



  • Learn how to apply engineering principles and practices to improve human health.

  • Prepare to improve society in public and private sectors by performing leading research in sustainable energy, corrosion prevention, environmental remediation, biobased polymers, and more.

  • Find even better ways to improve society in environmental, transportation, structures engineering, construction engineering and management, and more.

  • Get grad-level training in everything from algorithms to machine learning, and perform research in aviation navigation, smart health, bioinformatics, and more.

  • Get grad-level training and perform research in antennas, control theory, nanoelectronics, computer architecture, communications, navigation systems, vLsi, pattern recognition, and optoelectrics.

  • Join our long history of research in avionics, computer architecture, vLsi, nanoelectronics, smart health, machine learning, visualization and gaming, and biomedical computing.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge in areas from manufacturing systems to technology management, while improving decision processes, system analysis, and complex systems design.

  • Emphasize biomedical engineering, manufacturing, deformable solid body mechanics, sustainable energy, FEA, robotics and rigid body mechanics, advanced materials or thermo-fluids.

  • Develop advanced skills to perform original research in a variety of areas from robotics, to materials, to supply chains, to human factors.

  • Russ College offers three online master’s degree programs to help you reach your career goals while you’re working in the field.