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Gayle Mitchell

Russ Professor
Civil Engineering,Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment
STKR 151
Phone: 740.593.1470

Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering from 1995-2013, Dr. Gayle F. Mitchell is the director of the Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment (ORITE), which she helped establish in 1987. In addition to her administrative role, Dr. Mitchell has contributed to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses in the environmental area, as well as undergraduate basic engineering courses. She has developed and presented workshops on water treatment, solid waste management, and erosion and sediment control. During her professional career, she conducted research on physical/chemical treatment of water and wastewater, erosion and sediment control, wetlands, mitigation of storm water runoff, components of solid waste landfills, highway winter maintenance, and application of probes for subsurface investigations. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio and Mississippi. She also has served on numerous state, national and international boards and committees.



Research Interests: Storm Water Mitigation, Bridge Storm Water Runoff, Winter Road Maintenance, Snow/Ice Pre-Treatment


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