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Alex Miller

Research Engineer
Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
STKR 187
Phone: 740.566.6243
Cell Phone: 330.635.1431

Alex Miller joined Ohio University’s Center for Electrochemical Engineering in 2010, after graduating from the University’s Russ College of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Prior to beginning his career at the university, he worked as an interning researcher at Goodyear Tire & Rubber, where he holds a patent for a rubber processing aid. Currently, Alex is working to develop electrochemical technologies for the applications of wastewater remediation, energy production, and energy storage. His research primarily focuses on the development of catalyst coatings for ammonia and urea electrolysis. He has published in the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, and has presented his work at an international meeting of the Electrochemical Society.

Research Interests: Wastewater treatment (remediation via ammonia and urea electrolysis), development of electrochemical sensors, development of novel electrochemical flow cells, electrocatalysis (deposition of catalytic coatings to be used in electrodes used for catalysis).

All Degrees Earned: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Ohio University, 2010.


electrodeposition of catalysts, maintenance of electoplating lab equipment, co-coordination of analytical lab