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Brian Hassler

Facilities Manager/Postdoctoral Researcher
Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
STKR 049
Phone: 740.597.9045

Brian is currently the Facilities Manager for the Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research's Analytical Chemistry and Characterization Facility. Brian is also involved in the fabrication and characterization of novel electrodes fabricated using molecular self-assembly techniques for the production hydrogen from urea and ammonia.

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 2009 -- B.S. , Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 2002


1. Renewable dehydrogenase-based interfaces for bioelectronic applications.

2. Versatile bioelectronic interfaces based on heterotrifunctional linking molecules.

3. Rhodium electrodeposition on nickel electrodes used for urea electrolysis.


1. Bioelectronic device for bioreactors, biosensors and biofuel cells includes bioelectronic interface including catalytically active material electrostatically bound directly or indirectly to electrically conductive carbon electrode.

2. Chemical composite useful for preparing bioelectronic device such as bioelectric sensor comprises a biologically active compound bound, directly or indirectly to the polyelectrolyte.


oversee and maintain the surface, chemistry, and analytical lab