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Munir Nazzal

Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
STKR 138
Phone: 740.593.1080

Dr. Nazzal is an Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering Department at Ohio University. Prior to joining Ohio University he was working as a Senior Research Scientist at Louisiana Transportation Research Center. Dr. Nazzal has taught different graduate and undergraduate courses in the pavement and geotechnical engineering areas. He also has more than 45 publications in various areas of civil engineering. One of his papers was nominated for the 2007 TRB K. B. Wood award for best paper in Design and Construction. Dr. Nazzal is a registered Professional Engineer.

Research Interests: Dr. Nazzal research interests include: nano-mechanical characterization of construction materials, numerical modeling of geo-infrastructure, experimental geomechanics, sustainability of infrastructure, environmental impact assessment of infrastructures, soil reinforcement and improvement, in-situ testing and site characterization. His current research work focus on developing, evaluating, and implementing new methods, technologies, and design approaches for achieving efficient, economic, environment-friendly infrastructures.

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2007. M.S., Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2003. B.S., Civil Engineering, Birzeit University, 2002.


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5. Abu-Farsakh M., Nazzal, M., and Mohammad L., 2008 “Effect of Reinforcement on Resilient and Permanent Deformation of Base Course Material,” Journal of the Transportation Research Board No. 2004, pp 120-131.


American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) Excellence in Civil Engineering Education (EXCEED) Teaching Fellow-2010