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Ralph Kelsey

Lecturer (CS)
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Phone: 740.593.2494

Research Interests: Mathematical and computational aspects of the representation of uncertainty in measurements and mathematical models, Interval analysis including innovative methods for approximating the solution set for matrix interval equations.

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Ohio University, 1986. M.S., Physics, Ohio University, 1980. M.S., Mathematics, Ohio University, 1973. B.G.S., Math and Physics, Ohio University, 1971.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (4)

  • Turner, ., Ahlquist, ., White, ., Kelsey, R. Variation in Genome Organization and Composition of Repeated DNA's Among Three Species of Fish. 1. J. Heredity; 84.
  • Turner, T., Ahlquist, J., White, M., Kelsey, R. Variation in genome organization and composition of repeated DNAs among three species of fish (Family: Percidae). 1. Journal of Heredity; 84: 70–73.
  • Kelsey, R. Generic soliton properties. Zentrallblatt für Mathematik.
  • Kelsey, R. Two Determinant Inequalities. SIAM Review.

Conference Proceeding (2)

Review, Book Review (2)

  • Kelsey, R., Binney, J., Tremaine, S. Galactic Dynamics. The Dynamics Newsletter.
  • Kelsey, R., Edelstein-Keshet, L. Mathematical Models in Biology. The Dynamics Newsletter.