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Tiao Chang

Civil Engineering
STKR 147
Phone: 740.593.1462

Dr. Chang joined the Ohio University faculty in 1982. He has written over 100 technical articles and papers for professional publications. His principal research interests are water resources and environmental engineering, drought management, reservoir operation, open channel flow computation, application of GIS/GPS, zebra mussel problem prevention in water intakes, flood control, watershed erosion, and sediment deposits.


Research Interests:
Through the support of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Dr. Chang has developed a unique drought monitoring method by combining five hydrologic parameters and an optimal reservoir operation method for drought management using flood-control reservoirs. In addition, his recent research with the Corps includes the use of GIS for flow profile computations by HEC-RAS. Zebra mussels have become a serious problem for industry on the Great Lakes and many rivers. The mollusks, a nonnative species, inhibit water flow in pipes because they multiply rapidly. Dr. Tiao Chang has found a way to alleviate the problem - without the use of chemicals - by making the environment in the pipes unsuitable for the mussels. His research, supported by the Sea Grant College Program, has resulted in three United States patents for his method and the device itself. With support of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Dr. Chang has conducted research on watershed erosion, sediment deposits, and reservoir dredging using GIS / GPS. He has developed a method to relate watershed erosion to the sediment deposits in the reservoir.


Research Interests: drought management, pipline corrosion control, watershed erosion, sediment deposits, reservoir dredging using GIS/GPS