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UPDATE: Ohio University Athens Campus will reopen Friday, March 6 at 4 a.m.

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Russ College Outstanding Employee Awards


Annually, the Russ College awards one administrative, technical, and classified employee each for outstanding, results-based performance. Past recipients are:

  • 2012: Tammy Jordan (Classified), Randy Mulford (Technical), Albert Schubert (Administrative)

  • 2011: Erin Root (Classified), Sam Khoury (Technical), Laquetta Cortner (Administrative)

  • 2010: Stephanie Walker (Classified), Tom Chambers (Technical), Dan Stroh (Administrative)

  • 2009: Bonnie Behm-Geddes (Classified), Micah McCreery (Technical), Bruce Brown (Administrative)

  • 2008: Janelle Baney (administrative), Nicole Knapp (classified), Jim Caesar (technical)

  • 2007: Colleen Carow (administrative), Valerie Pettit and Kay Reeves (classified), Ron Porter (technical)

  • 2006: Wendy Weiser (administrative), Stephanie Walker (classified), Bryan Jordan (technical)

  • 2005: Christy Lee (administrative), Kelley Jolley (classified), Shyler Switzer (technical)

  • 2004: Marty North (administrative), Carol Stout (classified), Tim Bambeck/Sam Khoury (technical)

  • 2003: Zofia Starzyk (administrative), Edie Chalfant (classified), Jim McKnight (technical)

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