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Sara Helfrich

Assistant Professor
Teacher Education
McCracken Hall 321D

Dr. Sara Helfrich holds the B.A. in Elementary Education/Moderate Special Needs and the M.Ed. in Special Education, both from Boston College. She also holds the Ph.D. in Reading Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Helfrich teaches courses in reading instruction and assessment, secondary reading instruction, and literacy coaching. She serves as Literacy Program Coordinator, overseeing both the undergraduate and online graduate reading programs. Dr. Helfrich also serves as University Liaison to West Elementary PDS. Her major research interests include reading teacher preparation, pre-service and in-service teacher self-efficacy related to teaching literacy, and online learning and literacy course/program development.

Most Recent Publications:

Helfrich, S.R. & Smith, W.E. (2012). Transitioning online: Moving a graduate reading program online while continuing to maintain program rigor and meet standards. In L. Martin, M. Boggs, S. Szabo, & T. Morrison (Eds.), Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Yearbook: The joy of teaching literacy (Volume 34), (pp. 105-119). Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers: Texas A&M Commerce.

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honors program for teacher education candidates. Journal of Education for the Gifted, 35, 319-334.

Helfrich, S.R. (2012). Incorporating tutoring experiences in teacher education: Benefits to pre-service
teachers and suggestions for teacher educators. Journal of Reading Education, 37(3), 40-48.                     

Helfrich, S.R. & Bosh, A.J. (2011). Teaching English language learners: Strategies for overcoming barriers.
The Educational Forum, 75(3), 260-270.

Helfrich, S.R. & Bean, R. (2011). Beginning teachers reflect on their experiences being prepared to teach
literacy. Teacher Education and Practice, 24(2), 201-222.

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