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John Henning

Associate Dean for Academic Engagement and Outreach
Dean's Office
Lindley Hall 061C

Dr. John Henning currently serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Engagement and Outreach in The Patton College.  His responsibilities include promoting undergraduate education, clinical experiences, community outreach, and international opportunities.  Previously, he served as the Chair of the Teacher Education Department.   Dr. Henning has over 50 publications; including three books, over thirty refereed journal articles, and seven book chapters.  His primary research interests include practice-based teacher education, teacher development, instructional decision-making, and classroom discourse.  These interests developed from over twenty years of experience as a high school teacher.  He received a B.S. in Agriculture from Pennsylvania State University, an M.Ed. in Vocational Education from Kent State University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Kent State University.


Most Recent Publications:

Moore, C. C., & Henning, J.E. (2014).  Making the transition to collegiate dance study.  Journal of Dance Education 14 (2) 71-75. doi:10.1080/15290824.2014.849348

Hendrickson, K., Henning, J.E., & Spinell, A. (2013).  Co-teaching with professional interns: A collaborative approach to improving student learning.  Education in a  Democracy: A Journal of the NNER, (5), 126-140.

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Henning, J.E., McKeny, T., Foley, G.D., & Balong, M. (2012). Mathematics discussions by design: Creating opportunities for purposeful participation.Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education15(6), 453-479. doi: 0.1007/s10857-012-9224-1

Henning, J.E., Dani, D.E., & Weade, G. (2012). The discourse and reflections of teacher candidates during an early field experience. The New Educator, 8, 283-307. doi: 10.1080/1547688X.2012.726586

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