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Seann Dikkers

Assistant Professor
Educational Studies
Lindley Hall S206

Dr. Seann Dikkers is an assistant professor in Educational Studies at Ohio University. He received his bachelor's degree in education, political science and philosophy, a master's degree in educational leadership from Bethel University, and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on educational technologies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.His fields of scholarship include curriculum and instruction, educational technologies, and educational leadership. Previously he served in public schools as a teacher and principal for fourteen years. As the founder and director of Gaming Matter, Dikkers is investigating new media integration strategies for educational leadership, teaching, and learning. His work bridges pedagogy, leadership, and policy studies seeking practical solutions for schools. Projects include CivWorld, ParkQuest, History in our Hands, Mobile Media Learning, Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling editor (ARIS), the Comprehensive Assessment for Leadership in Learning (CALL), Real-Time Research, and the Teacher's Toolbox.

Most Recent Publications:


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