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Aaron Sickel

Assistant Professor
Teacher Education
McCracken Hall 240
Teacher Education

Dr. Aaron Sickel holds the B.S.Ed. in biology education and M.S.Ed. in science teaching from Northwest Missouri State University. He received the Ph.D. in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with an emphasis in science education from the University of Missouri. A former secondary science teacher, Dr. Sickel teaches courses in science education and general secondary pedagogy in the Adolescent and Young Adult program for the Department of Teacher Education. He studies how beginning teachers develop knowledge, beliefs, and practice for teaching science, the affordances and constraints of beginning teacher development, and classroom interactions. He is interested in using results from this line of research to inform the improvement of preservice teacher preparation programs. Dr. Sickel also has interests in education policy efforts and their influence on teacher development.

Recent Publications:

Presley, M., Sickel, A. J., Muslu, N., Merle-Johnson, D., Witzig, S., Izci, K., & Sadler, T. (2013). A framework for socio-scientific issues based education. Science Educator, 22(1), 26-32.

Sickel, A. J., & Friedrichsen P. J. (2013). Examining the evolution education literature with a focus on teachers: Major findings, goals for teacher preparation, and directions for future research. Evolution: Education and Outreach, 6(1:23).

Sickel, A. J., Witzig, S. B., Vanmali, B. H., & Abell, S. K. (2013). The nature of discourse throughout 5E lessons in a large enrolment college biology course. Research in Science Education,43(2), 637-665.

Sickel, A. J., & Friedrichsen, P. J. (2012). Using the FAR guide to teach simulations:An example with natural selection. The American Biology Teacher, 74(1), 47-51.

Sickel, A. J., & Hanuscin, D. L. (2010). A new chapter: How NSTA student chapters can support preservice teachers and prepare them for the challenges ahead. Science & Children, 48(2), 71-75.

Sickel, A. J., Lee, M. H., & Pareja, E. M. (2010). Sound science: An approach to teaching content, inquiry skills, and the nature of science. Science & Children, 48(1), 59-63.