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Developing content knowledge, pedagogical expertise, and skill in using technology for data analysis, probability, and statistics

QUANT participants Kari Craddock and Della Highman present their activity

Quantifying Uncertainty and Analyzing Numerical Trends (QUANT) is a yearlong Advanced Teacher Capacity professional development program for mathematics teachers Grades 9-12.  QUANT 2014 begins with a 2-week summer institute at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, 15-20 and 23-27 June 2014, with follow-up during the 2014-2015 school year.

QUANT focuses on data analysis, probability and statistics.  Participants explore these concepts in-depth using TI-nspire handheld computers, TI-nspire software, and other tools for teaching and learning.  In addition, participants develop and enact plans to use rich instructional activities in their classrooms.  The QUANT summer institute is followed by ongoing online support and two face-to-face workshops on 7 November 2014 and 27 February 2015.

The QUANT program provides participants with $400 worth of materials, access to additional resources, plus food and stipends.  A free residential option is available for participants who live more than 45 miles from Ohio University.  Optional graduate credit is available at a reduced tuition rate.

For more information about QUANT, check the links below or contact Mary HarmisonThe deadline to apply for QUANT is 10 June 2014.

Here's what past QUANT participants have said:
"QUANT helped me become a better teacher."
"I attended the workshop with a co-worker and was extremely glad I did. I believe that sharing this experience will make us a stronger team, give us support when trying new technology...and provide some good discussions about what it means for students to 'do math.'"
"I am more motivated to teach every day. I approach the content with leading questions that involve more attention and response from the students.  I have used technology more often in the classroom. I am constantly trying to get the students to make more connections to the math."
"It has given me many new lesson plans that are hands-on for the students. It has helped show me how to push myself to create new lesson plans that get students involved..."

The QUANT program is supported by the Advanced Teacher Capacity (ATC) grant.  The total estimated costs for the 2014-2015 ATC project are $294,411, which includes a $168,043 grant of federal funds from the Improving Teacher Quality Program administered by the Ohio Board of Regents, covering approximately 57.1% of the total costs.