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How much does it cost to attend field trips with UB?
All field trips during the academic-year and summer components are sponsored by UB; all expenses are paid by the program. Students may bring extra "spending money" for novelty items and souvenirs from the gift shops, college bookstores, etc. visited during the field trips.

Do students have to participate in both components of the program?
Yes. It is required for UB students to participate in both the academic year and summer components. During the academic year it is mandatory to attend scheduled workshops and activities, after-school tutoring, and advising sessions; students must contact the UB office in advance in order for an absence to be considered excused. An excused absence is related to a school or family activity, and/or work. If a student has three unexcused absences, he/she is subject to dismissal from the program.
It is imperative that all eligible students participate and meet the requirements of the summer residential component; the six-week program helps students prepare for the upcoming school year and gain skills needed for a healthy transition to college.
Students will receive events calendars by regular mail for both the academic-year and summer residential components in order to save the dates and plan in advance. Students may also access the UB website at for up-to-date information and events calendars.

If workshops, tutoring/advising sessions, and/or activities are canceled how will students be notified?
If a scheduled activity (tutoring, advising, workshop, etc.) is canceled a UB staff member will contact you in advance by phone, email, or regular mail.
If the cancellation is due to inclement weather conditions (heavy snow, ice, hail, storms, etc.) a UB staff member will leave a message on the main office voicemail system by 7am (the day of the event) alerting students that the event has been canceled and will be rescheduled for a later date. Students must call the office in order to receive the update. Please call the office toll free at 866.593.0728.

Does UB provide scholarships?
No. UB does not give participants scholarships. The program provides students with advising and guidance about how to make college affordable. Students receive information, resources, and skills that will help them with the financial aid and scholarship application processes.

Do students have to go home every other weekend during the six-week summer component?
Yes. It is important for students to go home every other weekend to refresh for the upcoming week, have quality time with family, and prevent homesickness; weekends away from the six-week component also gives UB staff time to rejuvenate and prepare for another week of providing students with quality programming and academic enrichment.

During the six-week summer component can parents/guardians visit during the week?
No. Parents/Guardians cannot visit during the week; students are in scheduled classes and must follow a routine in order to adjust to their new environment. The schedule also supports the academic instruction provided by teachers, advising and tutoring by tutor/mentors, and the daily study table hours students are required to attend during the week.
UB has designated Sundays as "Family Days," parent/guardian pick-up begins at 8am; students must be returned to campus by 8pm in preparation for classes the next day.
Students can leave campus during the week for appointments only; written notification from the parents/guardians must be received well in advance.

Does UB provide transportation?
Yes. UB provides transportation for scheduled field trips (college tours, museums, career fairs, etc.) during the academic-year and summer components. PLEASE NOTE: UB requests that parents/guardians bring their son/daughter to campus for field trips that take place during the academic year.
All drivers (independently contracted or reserved through Ohio University transportation services) are trained, professionals that hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) and are certified to operate 15-passenger vans, charter buses, and other large motor vehicles.
All other transportation to and from the campus is the responsibility of the family.

Can students bring their cars to campus during the summer component?
No. Students are not allowed to bring their cars to campus; parking lot space is limited to college students and faculty staff with permits only. All other parking spaces are metered. Transportation is provided by UB and parents/guardians on Family Days (Sundays) and weekends home.

Can students bring cell phones to the summer residential component?
No. Cell phones are prohibited during the six-week summer component. Cell phone usage, i.e., texting, playing games, talking, listening, etc. is disruptive to other students and staff (teachers, tutor/mentors, and the administrative team) in a classroom and tutoring and advising environment. The residence hall is equipped with telephones. UB will assign phone rooms on each floor of the residence hall for students' usage during free-time. Students may bring calling cards to make long distance calls.

Does participation in UB mean that I have to attend Ohio University?
No. UB provides students with the knowledge, advising, and support needed to make a healthy transition to the college of their choice. The program wants students to attend a college/university that meets their specific needs and provides them with the right support, curriculum, and financial aid to be successful. It is a requirement that UB seniors apply to at least three colleges/universities and include Ohio University as a prospective postsecondary option, but it is not mandatory that they attend, if accepted.

Can students work while participating in UB?
Yes. During the six-week summer component, students may work on weekends home as this will not interfere with required attendance in classes and scheduled activities.
Students are given a weekly $20 stipend while on campus to recognize their commitment to the program and pay for minor expenses like snacks and toiletries needed while living in the residence hall.

Who supervises UB students when they are on campus during the six-week summer component?
UB students are supervised by trained, professional, and experienced adults - teachers, tutor/mentors, and administrators from the university and community at-large - many of whom have worked for the program long-term. All staff attends an intensive five-day (40-hour) training and professional development series to learn UB guidelines, policies, and procedures.
The program is committed to protecting the safety of students; they are under supervision 24-hours per day/7 days a week while living in the residence hall.
All students are given a handbook during the academic year and summer components that have very strict codes of conduct; if rules of conduct are violated students will be dismissed from the program immediately.

Do students receive high school or college credit for completing Upward Bound?
Most of UB's target high schools provide a level of recognition on the high school transcripts for students who have successfully completed the summer experience. It is either noted that they were a participant in UB or the high school issues elective credits for certain subjects (art, physical education, etc.), but college credit is not issued.
UB mails students' report cards to their guidance counselor at the end of the six weeks.
Graduated seniors receive college credit if they participate in the Upward Bound Bridge Program during the six-week summer component. They take a college course sponsored by UB, worth 5-credit hours. The credit-hours transfer to the college/university in which they've been accepted and are placed on their official college transcript.