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The Southeast Ohio Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (SEOCEMS), funded through a grant from the Ohio Board of Regents, represents a collaboration of Ohio University, Rio Grande University and Rio Grande Community College, Shawnee State University, and the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CORAS). SEOCEMS strives to unite the synergy of its collaborators by using an investigative model for professional development and applied research that emphasizes processes of professional inquiry. The investigative process aspires to provide products and services through applied research beneficial to the rural-based participants in Ohio's Appalachian region.

The vision of SEOCEMS is to establish ongoing collaboration among institutions of higher education, school districts, the Ohio Resource Center (ORC), the Evaluation and Assessment Center for Mathematics and Science Education, and related organizations to improve teaching and learning of P-16 mathematics and science in the southeast region of Ohio. The aim of the proposed Center is to help educators in southeast Ohio help learners excel in mathematics and science. This aim is addressed by strengthening coordination/communication among Teacher Education faculty, Arts & Sciences faculty and P-12 educators. Overall, our mission is to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science throughout pre-service and in-service teacher preparation programs as well as in P-12 programs. This mission is addressed through the following goals:

  1. To improve professional development opportunities for in-service mathematics and science teachers
  2. To increase access to quality mathematics and science and P-16 pupils' opportunities to learn
  3. To improve pre-service teacher preparation programs
  4. To form a research collaborative that plans and conducts applied research and evaluation
  5. To increase the recruitment of pre-service and retention of in-service teachers of mathematics and science and increase the number of faculty positions dedicated to mathematics and science teacher education

SEOCEMS Coordinator: 
Al Cote 
SEOCEMS Coordinator
McCracken Hall 254 

SEOCEMS Co-Directors: 
Jeff Connor, Ohio University 
Ralph Martin, Ohio University

Institutional Associate Directors: 
Bobbie Hatfield, University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College 
Krista Taylor, Shawnee State University