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General Master's Degree Program

The General Master’s Degree Program offers practicing and aspiring leaders in all types of organizations—business, public, and Educational Studies Studentseducational—an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge to work effectively with people, data, and organizational systems. Students enrolling in this program, which is offered in a primarily online format, will work with an advisor to develop an individualized program of study that aligns professional goals with relevant course work in leadership and related disciplines. The program is for those individuals who are interested in receiving a master’s degree that is focused upon leadership but are not seeking administrative or other licensure. Teachers, international students, administrators from public social agencies, and the like can benefit from participation in the program.

In other words, the degree program is intended to provide a program that is responsive to a broad range of needs, and provides considerable latitude for individual and groups of students in the selection of electives to correspond to their interests and needs.

The degree program involves a minimum of 48 quarter or 32 semester hours encompassing the study of the foundations of educational leadership, the nature of school organizations, human relations in educational organizations, and research methods and applications. Additional specialized study and field experiences are included to prepare the students for varied leadership roles.

For admission requirements and application procedures, please refer to this file (.pdf)

Click here for the Program of Study.

For more information, contact:

Cindy Hartman
Co-Coordinator, Educational Administration Program
McCracken Hall 314B, Athens, OH 45701

Educational Administration Cohort