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RACGS Notification Document Guidelines/Format


Ohio University
{College Name}
{Department Name}
{Degree Title --specify new location(s) and/or alternate delivery methods)}

Note: The notification for RACGS needs to address the items listed below and should be approximately 2-3 pages.  Additional detail will need to be prepared for the Outreach Committee to obtain internal approval prior to RACGS notification.  See Outreach approval site (http://www.outreach.ohio.edu/gradoutreach.htm) and the RACGS Guidelines for additional information.

Background Information
Briefly address the following points:

Program Purpose
Briefly outline the purpose of the program and major areas of study (if applicable).
Describe planning steps taken to ensure quality development and delivery of the program in the alternate format/new location

Program Demand and Need

Program Assessments
Methods used to ensure program delivery consistency
Assessment plans to evaluate program and student outcomes

Support Services/Capacity/Resources for Distance Education
Briefly discuss the following

Provide a brief summary that positions the program in the larger context of Vision OHIO and the University System of Ohio.


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