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One important factor in successfully completing an online course is setting and completing goals. Below are steps which will help you set and keep goals for any Ohio University online course you take.

  1. Determine goals for course-related tasks.
  2. Set deadlines for each goal. You may wish to share your deadlines with someone who will encourage you to meet them.
  3. Specifically schedule time in which to work on a course. Possible examples are listed below:
    • Set aside 10 hours a week to work on my course.
    • Work on my course for 3 hours each Tuesday and Saturday.
    • Spend my lunch hour each day reading a chapter from the textbook.
  4. Follow through on completing goals. You could set up a list to check off each goal as it is finished.
For the best Ohio University online experience, we recommend that students:

Other Helpful Tips for Online Success

1. COURTESY AND RESPECT: Each course is a learning community and appropriate conduct applies online as well as in a classroom. Read the University's Code of Conduct here.

2. PARTICIPATE: It's important to show up, comment, share, and make your presence known.

3. BE PERSISTENT: If you run into difficulties, don't wait! Send a note immediately to the instructor.

4. SHARE: There are no dumb questions and even if you think your solution is obvious, share it. Someone in the course will thank you.

5. THINK: Before you send that message...did you say what you meant? How will the person who reads it perceive your message? Read over what you've written BEFORE you send it.

6. REMEMBER: Sarcasm doesn't translate well into a written message (we can't see your face), and others can't read your mind and fill in the gaps if you abbreviate your comments. Clearly state what you mean.

7. NO INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS: Unacceptable! Same goes for derogatory statements. The same disciplinary action that applies in a classroom applies online, too.

8. PLAGIARISM AND CHEATING: This is unacceptable behavior! Read the policies about academic misconduct!

9. DON'T WAIT: Time management and organizational skills are very important in online classes. Do NOT wait until the last minute to turn in your assignments.

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