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Emergency Alert Page
This page is used to post emergency information and includes many helpful links, such as the National Weather Service and an Ohio traffic conditions map.

Clery and Campus Right to Know Reports

Emergency Guide
The Campus Emergency Guide is designed to give faculty, staff, and students guidance on how to handle various emergency situations on the Ohio University campus. However, there are many good emergency tips in the guide that may be applicable no matter where you are. If you are attending school at another institution, follow that institution’s emergency procedures.

Crime and Emergency Alerts
When Ohio University considers a crime that would pose an ongoing threat to students, employees and members of the Ohio University community, "Crime Alerts/Timely Warnings" are posted throughout campus and you may receive notification via email even though you are not on the OHIO campus. Alerts may be posted for the following crimes: arson, aggravated assault, burglary, criminal homicide, motor vehicle theft, robbery, and sex offenses. Crime alerts may also be posted for other crimes as deemed necessary.

If Ohio University were to issue an Emergency Alert in the event of a situation or phenomenon that has the potential to immediately impact the Ohio University community, it would be available at

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