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Online Degree Completion* and Online Term-Based Students

*RN-to-BSN dates are available in the RN-to-BSN Student Knowledge Center.

Course Begin/End Dates

Full spring term - classes end
April 26
Spring term 1 - classes end
February 15
Spring term 2 - classes begin
February 17
Spring term 2 - classes end
March 22
Spring term 3 - classes begin
March 24
Spring term 3 - classes end
April 26
Course begin dates and end dates may vary. Check the course offerings for more information.

Application Deadlines

Degree-Seeking Students
To start summer term (May)
March 15
Nondegree Term-Based Students
Transcripts are due the same date.
To start summer term (May)
May 5

Transcript Deadlines

Transcripts must be postmarked by the specified date for that term.
Degree-Seeking Students
To start summer semester (May)
April 1

Add/Drop Deadlines

See the course offerings for add and drop deadlines. Visit to see the course offerings pages for Online Degree Completion and online term-based students.


Fee Payment Due
On Receipt
Students should use the My OHIO portal (Accounts tab) to access their student account information on My OHIO Student Center. If fees are not paid by the due date, a 1.5% late payment fee will be charged.


Undergraduate Commencement
May 3, 2014
Last day to apply for graduation for spring semester.
Official degree conferral date is May 3. Commencement is held at the end of spring semester.
February 17

Holidays (University Offices Closed)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 20



Important Information: Adding and dropping courses - Refund policy

REGISTRATION: Students are responsible for registering themselves through Web registration. Visit the Student Center at to register.

ADDING A COURSE AFTER LAST DAY: In general, students may add classes to their official schedules through the Friday of the first week of a semester or session. Some departments or individual instructors may require permission or even close registration altogether after the semester or session begins. The last day to add for a session is Friday of the first week. The last day to add for a semester is Friday of the second week; however, permission is required to add after the Friday of the first week of a semester.

DROPPING OR WITHDRAWING FROM ONE OR MORE (BUT NOT ALL) COURSES: If you are enrolled in more than one course and need to drop a course, you may do so by using the online registration process. Visit Student Center at to adjust your schedule.

Students may drop classes from their schedules without permission or academic or financial penalty through Friday of the second week of the semester (Friday of the first week of a session). Check the course offerings to see the last day to drop your courses.

Students may withdraw from one or more but not all classes from the Saturday of the second week of the semester (Saturday of the first week of a session) through the Friday of the tenth week of the semester (last instructional day of the fifth week of a session) without permission. However, the classes remain on the students' academic records with grades of WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing), and they continue to be used in the calculation of tuition and fees. WP or WF grades do not affect the student's grade point average.

WITHDRAWAL FROM ALL COURSES: Online Bachelor Completion Program students and online RN-to-BSN students may withdraw using the online withdrawal form at

Others may withdraw from all courses by contacting their academic college office. If you have any questions, email or call 740.593.2910. Withdrawal is not permitted on or after the last day of classes.



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