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Faculty Responsibilities


Although SAS is the office responsible for the centralized process of determining eligibility and recommending reasonable accommodations, it is the responsibility of each individual faculty member to implement accommodations when presented with notification from SAS. 

The following suggestions are provided in order to assist faculty in meeting this expectation.

  1. Always include a statement in your syllabus regarding disability and accommodations (please visit the Sample Syllabus Statement for suggestions).
  2. During the first class meeting be sure to review the information in your syllabus and invite students to contact you with their accommodation requests.
  3. Meet with the student individually to discuss a specific plan for implementing accommodations.  You are encouraged to follow up with an email reviewing the plan so that you and the student have a common reference outlining your individual responsibilities.
  4. Consider that the requested accommodations available to a student on a routine basis are generalized to the academic experience; however we cannot anticipate every nuance of a particular class.  There may be occasions that additional accommodations are necessary or situations in which we may need to modify an existing accommodation to maintain the integrity of course objectives.
  5. Contact the Accessibility Coordinator with any questions regarding accommodations.  If the requested accommodation is unclear or you have concerns about providing the accommodation, the Accessibility Coordinator can assist you in better understanding and developing a plan to meet the student’s needs.

Complete Rights and Responsibilities for Faculty

 Faculty members have the right to:

  • request in writing from Student Accessibility Services notification of a student's need for accommodation. (Faculty and staff do not have the right to access disability documentation.)
  • discuss with SAS staff any concerns that an accommodation request interferes with the academic objectives of the course.
  • contact Student Accessibility Services to clarify student requests for accommodation, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids.


Faculty members have the responsibility to:

  • provide reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids in a timely manner.
  • meet with students who have provided written notification of their disability via Student Accessibility SErvices and have made a direct request for accommodation to establish the means of providing accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids.
  • maintain the confidentiality of information regarding disability issues.
  • alter the form of a testing procedure to measure proficiency in course knowledge based on the ability of the student, not the disability. (There may be an exception when the purpose of the test is to measure a particular skill.)
  • refer students who have requested accommodations but have not registered with Student Accessibility Services with information on registration procedures for students with disabilities.
  • upon request, provide handouts in alternate formats (such as enlarged print for visually impaired students).
  • upon request, make course material on reserve in the library available in alternate formats for students with disabilities.