How to Register with Student Accessibility Services

At the college level, it is the individual student’s responsibility to initiate the registration process with SAS. In order to determine your eligibility and provide accommodations, SAS will need documentation.

SAS does not provide evaluations, consultations with medical professionals, or neuropsychological testing. However, we are happy to discuss resources on campus and in the Athens area.

To be eligible for disability services, a student must:
  •  submit current disability documentation (as described below);
  •  receive notification from an Accessibility Coordinator  that you are eligible;
  •  schedule and attend an intake appointment with your assigned Accessibility Coordinator

Accessibility Coordinators review documentation and determine eligibility according to the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There is no “exact formula” of how to document or determine a disability. However here, are the things we look for in documentation:

  •  there is a chronic physical or mental condition
  •  evidence that the condition significantly impacts one or more Major Life Activities (such as seeing, learning, standing, etc.)
  •  provided by a medical, mental health, or educational professional who is licensed and qualified to diagnose, evaluate, and treat the condition
  •  recent enough to demonstrate an impact on current functioning