Education Abroad

Student Accessibility Services encourages students to fully participate in the university experience – including Study Abroad. In partnership with the Office of Education Abroad, we are happy to help identify the needs you may have related to study abroad and are committed to assisting in the process of requesting accommodations.

Many opportunities are available through Education Abroad and the type of programs can vary greatly. Below describes the process for requesting accommodations for each different type of program. If you are interested in study abroad, we encourage you to speak to both your Accessibility Coordinator and an Education Abroad advisor early.

Process for Requesting Study Abroad Accommodations

Ohio UniversityPrograms: If you plan to participate in an Ohio University-sponsored study abroad program and wish to request accommodation, you should schedule an appointment with your Accessibility Coordinator to complete an "Education Abroad Disability Accommodation Request Form". 

After your request is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Office of Education Abroad (OEA). The OEA advisors and SAS Accessibility Coordinators will work with the Program Director to determine possible accommodations. You will be notified to discuss these possibilities. In the event that the accommodation you requested is not possible, the OEA will discuss alternative options with you. 

Ohio University Exchange Programs: Students participating in an Ohio University exchange program should communicate with their program coordinator in the Office of Education Abroad on how to request accommodation from the partner institution.

Third Party or Affiliate Programs: Students participating in programs through other universities or providers should contact the sponsor of the program for information on how to request accommodation for a disability.