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The Southeast Ohio Disability Consortium aims to collect, develop, and share resources related to the transition of students with disabilities to post-secondary education.  Our goal is to offer information that will be of assistance to educators, counselors, and administrators at both the high school and post-secondary level.  Please check back as we continue to evaluate and grow resources.

Professional Development Opportunities

SODC Presents a 2012-2013 FREE! webinar series on a variety of topics related to assisting specific populations of students in transition from high school to post-secondary education.

Next Webinar: 

December 10, 2012 at 4pm - Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Prepare for College Success

Tentative Webinar Schedule:


January 2013: Working with students who are deaf and hard of hearing: Matching expectations to realities.

February 2013: Assisting students with ADHD prepare of college.

March 2013: Students with mental health issues: preparing to transition to college.

April 2013: A Parent's Perspective

Annual Building Regional Connections Conferences

Fostering Resiliency In Higher Education Settings - Helping Your Students Succeed! (2012)

2012 Conference Materials

Facilitating Student Transitions to Post-Secondary Education (2011)

2011 Conference Program

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