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A Diabetes-Free Society

Executive Board

The DI Executive Board is the internal contingent that will be consulted for DI activities.  The board will assist the Executive Director and Division Directors in making decisions as to DI activities and in making decisions regarding the allocation of DI resources on an annual basis.  The Executive Board will consist of:

Darlene Berryman, PhD, RD, LD, DI Executive Director and DI Co-Director, Research Division
Elizabeth Beverly, PhD, DI Co-Director, Research Division
Cheryl Howe, PhD, DI Director, Education Division
Jay Shubrook, DO, FACOFP, FAAFP, DI Director, Clinical Division
Kathy Trace, MA, BSN, RN, DI Director, Outreach Division
Melissa Standley, MEd, DI Director of Operations

Frank Schwartz, MD, FACE, Specialty Medicine, HCOM
DI Investigator Representative


Karen Coschigano, PhD, Biomedical Sciences, HCOM
DI Investigator Representative

Dave Holben, PhD, RDN, LD, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness, CHSP
DI Investigator Representative



Robert Colvin, PhD, Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences
DI Affiliate Representative

Tobie Newberry, CNP, Community Health Programs, HCOM
DI Collaborator Representative

Adam Jara, Graduate/Medical Student Representative

Chance Benner, Medical Student Representative

Brandon Riley, Undergraduate Student Representative

Shiyong Wu, PhD, Director, Edison Biotechnology Institute
OU Institute Representative

Randy Leite, PhD, Dean, College of Health Sciences and Professions
CHSP Dean Representative

John Brose, DO, Vice President for Health Affairs
HCOM Dean Representative

Harvey Schwartz, MBA, Executive Director, CORE
Healthcare Representative

Sharon Zimmerman, MPA, Executive Director of Constituent Relations for Health Affairs, HCOM
Development Representative