Selection Process

Individual students cannot apply for the Cutler Scholars Program; instead, potential scholars are nominated by personnel at eligible secondary schools, by colleges of Ohio University, or by an organization with which they have a connection (e.g., an organization for which their parents work).

The timetable for filling a scholarship is based upon the individual guidelines established by the benefactor of the award and by the funding status of each award. For example, some scholarships are filled every year, some every two years, some every four years, etc.

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Geographically-based Awards

The nomination procedures for all of the geographically-based Cutler Scholar awards are identical. To be considered, a student must be in his/her junior year and must be nominated by one of the designated schools for the award being filled (students cannot apply independently for the awards). The number of students to be nominated by each school varies depending on whether the award covers a single high school or multiple high schools.

An Area Selection Committee comprised of alumni and friends of Ohio University review the nominations and select two finalists for each award. These finalists are interviewed on the Athens campus by the Cutler Scholars Selection Committee and one finalist is selected to receive each award.

Discipline-based Awards

Donors specify an academic unit and a selection committee within that academic unit nominates qualified high school seniors who have applied to that college. Two finalists for each award will be interviewed (usually in spring quarter during the nominee's senior year) on the Athens campus by the Cutler Scholars Selection Committee.

Organization-based Awards

These awards are specified for the sons and daughters of employees from a certain organization or corporation. All students must be nominated by his or her high school. Two finalists will be selected for an interview on the Athens campus where the Cutler Scholars Selection Committee will award the scholarship.

To be considered for a scholarship, a nominated student must show evidence of:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Leadership
  3. Extracurricular Achievements
  4. Moral Force of Character

To view a list of current awards and eligible high schools, click HERE to access the "Current Awards" link.