The Riedel Garden Plot Project

by Lauren Loftus, Riedel-Cutler Scholar ’14

The Gardening GroupOne of the things that immediately caught my attention upon my first visit to Ohio University was the beautiful campus. Whatever the season, be it summer with the contrast between the greens and the brick buildings, or fall, with the sunlight filtering down through the golden leaves of the trees, our campus is definitely worth a thousand pictures.

Naturally then, I was delighted when I found a terrace garden as I was huffing my way up the staircase behind Bryan Hall with my parents at my freshman orientation session. We stopped to catch our breath and noticed that the garden was actually called “The Ruby Tignor Riedel Terrace Garden”, and was dedicated to her by her husband, Alan, in 1994. Unfortunately, due to deep budget and staff cuts in the landscaping department, the garden was becoming a bit overgrown. Read more

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Homecoming Photo Collage

Homecoming Homecoming Homecoming

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The Value of My Cutler Scholarship

by Colin McCrone, Emrick–Cutler Scholar ‘08

Colin McCroneWhen I was looking for my volunteer summer enrichment experience, my first plan was to go to Chicago, my second was to teach English in Katmandu, and my third was to find anything because by late May nothing had worked out. My only criteria were to do something I hadn’t done before and to live in an interesting place...I decided to start somewhere random—my cursor landed on “Rhode Island,” and the rest is history. That summer in Providence was one of the best of my life because I worked at a great volunteer center, I learned how live on my own, and I discovered my vocation—I would be an architect. Read more

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DADD-Rise Fellowship in Germany

by Courtney Ginther, Jewell-Cutler Scholar ‘12 Courtney Ginther

The most amazing summer of my life began with an edition of the ONCA newsletter attached to an email from Dr. Karen Deardorff. I wanted to find the perfect summer enrichment experience. I absolutely had to top last summer, which I had spent in the beautiful Mediterranean sun. This email sent me on my way to the best summer yet. Read more

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From Cutler Scholar to Corps Member

by Gina Beach, Emrick-Cutler Scholar ‘09

Gina BeachThe best part of my job is the hugs. I am hugged on average five times a day, by smiling, eager faces, by the future leaders of America. I sing, I color, I put stickers on excellent papers. I track mastery of objectives, plan detailed lessons, collect forms, conference with parents, coach basketball, and try to maintain a semblance of order in my classroom. Then I go to bed wondering if I am impacting my students in a way that will level the gross disparities between them—low-income, minority, inner city—and their more affluent peers in suburbs and private schools around the nation. Read more

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Colloquia Preview: Cyber-discrimination

by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill, Cutler Scholars Director

“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” So went the caption of a 1993 New Yorker cartoon by Peter Steiner, depicting a conversation between two dogs at a computer terminal. Cyberspace anonymity once promised that we would be known for our ideas, not by our class, race, sexual orientation, or even our species! Read more

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Chasing My Spanish Dream

by Jaclyn Jones, Marathon Oil Company-Cutler Scholar ‘07

Jaclin JonesThe recession was one of the best things that ever happened…to me. After graduating early in the spring of 2007, I began working for the same small-sized information technology consulting company with whom I had done my internship the prior summer. As I was brought on board as part of the upcoming management consulting side of the primarily IT consulting firm, projects came to me in spurts and with great variety. It was no small wonder that just a year and a half later I was being told that the management side was not growing as quickly as expected, and there was not enough work or active projects to retain the entire staff.

At this point, I had two choices: either use the assistance of the company to find a similar job, or take the “now or never” opportunity to return to the country I fell in love with in 2005…Spain! Read more

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Grasselli Brown Honored with Inspiration Award

by Dorothy Schey, Director of Development, Special Fund Raising Initiatives

Dr. Jeanette GrasselliThe Women in Philanthropy of Ohio University (WIP) Leona Hughes Inspiration Award was presented to Dr. Jeanette “Jenny” Grasselli Brown on Friday, July 23, 2010, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. WIP established the Leona Hughes Inspiration Award in 2006 to recognize special women who have maintained philanthropic interests in Ohio University and their communities, set an example of personal integrity, and achieved distinction in their chosen fields. Read more

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Scholarship has Lasting Impact

by Kim Guffey Carrasquillo, Bush-Cutler Scholar ‘04

the Carrasquillo FamilyI have always felt grateful for the education and experiences I accumulated as a Cutler Scholar. I am proud of my journalism degree and have never missed an opportunity to tell a friend about the many exciting adventures I was afforded thanks to the Cutler program. However, it wasn’t until I was asked to be on the selection panel for the newest batch of scholars that I fully understood the effect this scholarship has on one’s life. As I read through the essays of students pining to be the next Stocker-Cutler Scholar, I envisioned how this program would shape who they would become, just as it did for me. Read more

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Adventures in Thailand

by Spencer McNeil, Konneker-Cutler Scholar ‘11

Spencer McNeil rides an elephantAfter my previous experiences of backpacking through mountains in Montana, volunteering at an orphanage in Peru, and working with refugees in South Africa, my final summer enrichment experience had a lot to live up to. I wanted to go out with a bang and travel somewhere completely outside of my comfort zone to a place I knew almost nothing about. I knew that I wanted to take a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course, so I looked around and decided on taking the course in Thailand.

The excitement to come was foreshadowed a couple of weeks before my departure when violent political riots broke out in Bangkok, flooding international news headlines. The Department of State had issued a travel advisory for Bangkok so I was a bit nervous, but my contact in Thailand assured me things were safe. Without too much hesitation, I went ahead with what few plans I had made and took off across the Pacific. Read more

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