Distinguished Professor of Economics Richard Vedder Appointed Cutler Scholar Fellow
Vedder Richard

Since 2005, Professor Richard Vedder has contributed annually to the Cutler Scholars colloquia as a guest speaker and curriculum planner. Cutler Scholar alumni remember his sessions as being the most thought-provoking and entertaining of all of colloquia meetings.

He is co-teaching the colloquia during the current academic term, attending every session that fits in his demanding schedule. Most significantly, he has proposed and planned a trip to Washington, D.C., for the Cutler Scholars to observe the budget-planning process.

Outside his considerable academic assistance, he has used his lengthy list of acquaintances to cultivate donors for the program.

The Cutler Scholar bylaws state: From time to time, outstanding faculty, staff, or prominent leaders in society are named fellows of the Cutler Scholars Program. Cutler Scholars Fellows are appointed by the governors of the Cutler Scholars Program on the recommendation of the executive director.

No member of the Ohio University faculty is more deserving to be appointed a fellow of the Cutler Scholars Program than Richard Vedder.