Index of scholars

Below is an alphabetized (by last name, or by maiden name if applicable) list of all Cutler alumni as well as current scholars, including year of graduation and name of award. The links in the names lead to more information about the scholar.

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Rachel Ackerman, Gibby-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Lacey Adkins, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2011
Emily Albright Miller, Hoff-Cutler Scholar, 2001
Andrew "Chase" Allman, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Alex Anderson, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Jonathan Ashton, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2005

Heather Baird Tomlinson, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2000
Marcie Barber Phares, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 1997
Devon Baum, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2015
Regina Beach, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Alanna Beatty Eikenberry, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 1998
Patricia Bell Scarborough, Grasselli Brown-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Stephanie Beltz, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2008
Terrence Berry, Daley-Cutler Scholar, 2013
Alexander Bill, Pattison-Cutler Scholar, 2013
Cary Bishop, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 1999
Andrew Bissell, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Kathleen A. Black Milam, Hoff-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Jessica "Jesse" Branner, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Caden Brooker, Russ Legacy-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Christine Brose Channell, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2004

Amy Cameron, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2004
Steven Carlson, Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.-Cutler Scholar, 2008
Emily Carlson Carpenter, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Elizabeth Cellar Biddinger, Stuckey-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Tyler Chamblin, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2001
Lindsay Cheek, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2011
Carrie Chute Torr, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Hannah Clouser, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Elizabeth Cockerill, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Kristen Cooksey, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2007
Rebecca Corbin, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Cassie Costilow, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Amie Cotter Schilling, Corrado-Cutler Scholar, 2001
Ethan Cottrill, Cutler-Cutler Scholar, 2013
Kyle Criner, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2014

Kelsey Davis, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2015
Alison Dawson Himes, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Matthew Denhart, McClure/Fuller-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Brittni Downs Miller, Business/Executive Board-Cutler Scholar, 2011
John Dravenstott, Hoff-Cutler Scholar, 2007

Kalei Edenfield, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2016
Donna Ellis, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2002
Paul Eselgroth, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2007

Toby Fallsgraff, Wood-Cutler Scholar, 2004
Dustin Fisher, Civil Engineering-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Kara Frisina, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2015
Kevin Fritz, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2000

Ana Gicova, Gusterov-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Abigail Gilkey Blanks, Grasselli Brown-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Courtney Ginther, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Bisera Gjosevska, Gusterov-Cutler Scholar, 2004
Bradly Gough, Moss-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Emily Grannis, Grasselli Brown-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Kimberly Guffey Carrasquillo, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2004

Renee Hagerty, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2014
Robert Hammer, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2016
William Hardy, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2004
Meghan Haynes, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2007
James "Max" Henderson, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Sophia Hendrix, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Brittany Henthorn, Hoff-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Katherine Hinman, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Matthew Hunkler, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2005

Benjamin Jewell, Stuckey-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Caitlyn "Kit" John, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2015
Jessica Johnson, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2002
Abby Jones, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2007
Bethany Jones, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Jaclyn Jones, Marathon Oil Company-Cutler Scholar, 2007

Harold Patrick Karnes, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2008
Meghann Karnes Ackley, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Jalynn Keyser, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2014
Bradley Kleparek, Ellis-Cutler Scholar, 2002
Rory Krichbaum, Wheeler-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Natalie Kruse, Moss-Cutler Scholar, 2004
Stephanie Ksionzyk, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2007

Jackson Lavelle, McClure/Fuller-Cutler Scholar, 2014
Andrea Lehman Snoble, Adler-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Alison Leonard, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2013
Lauren Loftus, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2014
Lauren Logan, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2008

Olivia Malmsten, Gibby-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Ashley Morgan Massie, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2004
Emily Mayer Mitchell, Marathon Oil Company-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Colin McCrone, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2008
Alisha McGuire, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Meghan McGuire, Moss-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Spencer McNeil, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2011
Kendra Michel, Daley-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Elena Mihajlovska, Gusterov-Cutler Scholar, 2013
Sam Miller, Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Shaila Meeker, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2013
Rachael Molnar Hawthorn, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2002
Daniel Murtaugh, Hoff-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Cheryl Mukosiku, Botswana Top Achiever-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Chloe Musick, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2017

Grace Nelson, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2012
Allison Norwood Levine, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2001

Makenzie Olaker, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2017

Irina Panovska, Gusterov-Cutler Scholar, 2007
Emma Perrin, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Kelsy Perry, Adler-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Jenessa Phipps, Bush-Cutler Scholar, 2007
Brianne Porter, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, 2010

Annette Ratcliff, Ellis-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Matt Reinke, Robe/Russ Legacy-Cutler Scholar, 2016
Lewis "Pete" Richardson, Adler-Cutler Scholar, 2001
Carleen Risaliti, Evans-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Jennifer Robinson, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2016
Taylor Russell Weaver, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2010

Marielle Scheible Scheiferstein, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Kacie Scherry Baon, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Brandon Shiflett, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2014
John "Jay" Simmons, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Heather Skeeles-Shiner, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2001
Johnna Sloan Weber, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2001
Jamie Smith, Emrick-Cutler Scholar, 2011
Nicole Sova, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2016
Sarah Spence, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2003
Christopher M. Sustersic, Wheeler-Cutler Scholar, 2009
Erika Swanson Hayes, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2009

Michael Taylor, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2005
Jordan Templeton, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2010
Lynzee Tucker, Jewell-Cutler Scholar, 2014

Anne Valente, Grasselli Brown-Cutler Scholar, 2006
Britanny Van Dyke Stubbs, Konneker-Cutler Scholar, 2009

Trevor Walsh, Hoff-Cutler Scholar,2017
Gabriel Weinstein, Grasselli Brown-Cutler Scholar, 2013
William Wemer, Grasselli Brown-Cutler Scholar, 2008
Caroline Wilson, Russ Legacy-Cutler Scholar, 2017
Jessica Wilson Sen, Stocker-Cutler Scholar, 2008
Matthew Wisecup, Hughes-Cutler Scholar, 2005