Board of Governers

Front row, left to right: Carleen Risaliti, Wilfred Konneker, Roderick McDavis, Jeanette Grasselli Brown, and David Scholl. Middle row, left to right: Jack Ellis, Alan Riedel, Bob Axline.
Back row, left to right: Herman “Butch” Hill, Charles Ping, Charles Emrick, Jr. Absent from photo: G. Kenner Bush, Glenn Corlett, and James Daley.

Board of Governors

Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown, BS '50, DS (HON) '78; past chair, Ohio Board of Regents; director of corporate research and development for BP America (retired); Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Mr. G. Kenner Bush, former publisher, The Athens Messenger; Athens, Ohio

Dr. Glenn Corlett, BBA '65, JD, CPA; dean, College of Business (retired), Ohio University; Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Mr. James E. Daley, BA '63; partner and co-chair/operations, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (retired); executive vice president and CFO, Electronic Data Systems Corporation (retired); Plano, Texas

Mr. Jack Ellis, BSCO '57; Retired Associate director, Cutler Scholars (retired); vice president emeritus for development (retired), Ohio University; Athens, Ohio

Dr. Charles R. Emrick Jr., BS '51, MSJ '52; senior vice president and managing director (retired), The TransAction Group; Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Herman "Butch" Hill, director, Cutler Scholars, Ohio University; Athens, Ohio

Dr. Wilfred R. Konneker, BS '43, M.S. '47, LLD (HON) '90; chair, Board of Governors; president, Konneker Development Corporation; Manchester, Missouri

Dr. Roderick McDavis, BSED '70, president, Ohio University; Athens, Ohio

Dr. Charles J. Ping, president emeritus and trustee professor, director emeritus, Cutler Scholars Program, Ohio University; Athens, Ohio

Dr. Alan E. Riedel, BA '52, LLD (HON) '94; vice chairman (retired), Cooper Industries, Inc.; Houston, Texas

Ms. Carleen Risaliti, Evans-Cutler Scholar B.A. '06; third-year medical student, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Dr. David Scholl, PhD '81, president and CEO, Diagnostic Hybrids(retired); Athens, Ohio