Nicole Sova
Ann Lee Hancock Konneker-Manasseh Cutler Scholar
Outward Bound Experience, North Carolina Outward Bound School

“I want to be like the ocean/power and fluidity/ever changing/ever flowing/constantly impacting the earth; influencing every grain of sand it encounters, and allowing every grain of sand to help form its path. Simple beauty and complex history. I want to be like the ocean."

"Accompanied by 13 interesting individuals who were initially strangers and emerged in the beauty of the Outer Banks, I realized how often simple things are taken for granted. I, fortunately, came to this realization early on in the trip. Every smile, every triumph, every landscape, every animal, every friend, every hour, every picture; I tried my best to take nothing for granted. Because of this, I feel I maximized my experience."

"My experience in North Carolina Outward Bound was irreplaceable. I enjoyed spending the eight days learning from every experience and every story that the crew members wanted to share. I faced every challenge and overcame it. The roughest part of the whole experience was overcoming many physical obstacles and doing endless amounts of amazing things and not being able to inform my loved ones about all that I was doing. But that too, I overcame; I told them every detail of the trip later. Now, sitting with my feet in the pool, writing about my experience, I am thinking of the ocean."

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