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Multicultural Center Art Gallery at Ohio University

The Beauty of God
Featuring Artist Garret Kisner

Exhibition Dates: November 17 - December 31, 2007

Garret Kisner

Artist Statement:
There are a host of people in the world who never are either presented with the opportunity to talk about God in life or when they do have the opportunity to talk about God, they sometimes don’t.

Each and everyday we go through life and rarely realize the wonders and beauties that take place on this ball of oxygen we call earth. We never take out the time to experience God in his true self outside of the normal waking up, eating, walking and other functions and activities we have in our lives. The photography in this show is meant to ignite the attention of the viewers of this show and to bring them to a new level of appreciation in life as they look at the captured awesomeness of God.


Artist Biography:
Third year Interior Architecture student at Ohio University, Garret Kisner was born on December 26, 1986. Since the time of him being able to see he often wondered about the things that occur in life and how to recreate them. As time passed on, his ways of expressing himself matured and evolved to not only include pencil and paper but other areas including but not limited to music and poetry. Lately photography has been his muse and medium he has focused on. The ability to capture moments in time, things the human eye often overlooks as well as being able create elements in a photograph using a camera are the reasons why he has been so focused in this area during this present time. Although he won the silver key for a show at the Cleveland Institute of Art, this is his first featured show.

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