Students Overcoming Stigma (SOS)

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The Ohio University
Mental Health Peer Advocacy Program

The Ohio University Mental Health Peer Advocate Program seek to raise awareness of student concerns regarding mental health care within the university, as well as reaching out to students to increase referral to psychological services.  Specifically, Mental Health Peer Advocates aim to decrease stigma surrounding mental health concerns by raising students’ awareness of the types of psychological concern often experienced by undergraduate students. Peer Advocates also aim to advocate the student voice on mental health concerns to the University, through communication and collaboration with the Counseling and Psychological Services and the Division of Student Affairs.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Hudson Health Center, 3rd Floor
2 Health Center Drive
Athens, Ohio 45701
T: (740) 593-1616 | F: (740) 593-0091 | E: Counseling.Services@ohio.edu

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