iso team

(international student outreach team)

The International Student Outreach (ISO) team is a diverse group of dedicated licensed counselors, psychologists, and graduate students studying clinical and counseling psychology. These individuals have pooled their efforts in order to outreach to Ohio University’s international student population.
Due to the tendency of international students to underutilize university counseling and psychological services as a resource (Mori, 2000), Ohio University Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) has been engaged in efforts to systematically outreach to this underserved population.
In the Spring of 2000, the International Student Outreach (ISO) team was formed to more formally address and facilitate the delivery of mental health services to international students.  This program has continued to work each year towards these goals through outreach, educational programming, and research focusing on the experience and needs of international students. The ultimate goal of the ISO team is to increase Ohio University international students’ utilization of mental health services provided by Counseling and Psychological Services.

How we outreach:

The ISO team presents and publishes research projects promoting the need for specialized services for international students on college campuses.

    •    The ISO team sponsors training for mental health care providers focusing on the needs of diverse cliental.
    •    The ISO team has written and applied for grant funding to support our projects.
    •    The ISO team is now running an on-going fund raiser collecting used cellular phones across Ohio University’s campus.
    •    The ISO team coordinates with other organizations on campus who share our mission to maximize outreach efforts.
    •    The ISO team is represented at international university events such as the up-coming International Street Festival.

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