If You Are Concerned About Your Child
As a parent, there will be times when you suspect that something is not going well for your son or daughter here at school - and of course you will be concerned. During those times, you may consider asking your child to come by CPS if he or she would like to speak with someone about their concerns. Alternatively, you as a parent are also welcome to call CPS to consult with one of our staff members about ways to speak with your child about your concerns. We will be happy to consult with you about this and discuss your concerns with you.

If your child is being seen by someone at CPS, please note that by law, we cannot disclose this fact or any details of his or her counseling with you without your child's express permission. One of the reasons that counseling can often be so helpful is that the counseling relationship is a confidential place to discuss one's concerns. The material your child discusses in counseling is, by law, considered a privileged communication. This means that your child is the one who decides who is allowed access to this information. You may certainly call CPS, however, to provide us with information or concerns about your child; please understand that we are not able to reciprocate.

There are rare exceptions to the rules of confidentiality: In the event that your child poses a risk to himself or herself, or someone else, then the counselor is legally and ethically obligated to break confidentiality as necessary to insure the safety of the involved parties. Also, by law, counselors must report suspected child or elder abuse. Other exceptions to confidentiality include the rare situations when records must be released to comply with a court order.

Further information about Ohio University's policies on the confidentiality of student records is available in the online student catalog.

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