Recent Graduates

August 2014

Gerald F. Goodwin, PhD "Race in the Crucible of War: African American Soldiers and Race Relations in the 'Nam'" directed by Chester Pach

Laura M. Seddelmeyer, PhD "'On the Edge of Asia':Australian Grand Strategy and the English-speaking Alliance, 1967-1980" directed by John Brobst

Phillip M. Johnson, MA "Casting Off the Shadow: Tactical Air Command from Korea to the Vietnam War" directed by Ingo Trauschweizer

Amanda M. Ward, MA "The Okhrana and the Cheka: Continuity and Change" directed by Steven Miner

May 2014

Kristan D. Jennings, MA, non-thesis

Jenna J. Tomashosky, MA, non-thesis

December 2013

David L. Prentice, PhD "Ending America's Vietnam War: Vietnamization's Domestic Origins and International Ramifications, 1968-1970" directed by Chester Pach