Ohio University is open; the transformer failure that temporarily closed the West Union Street Office Center on Wednesday has been fixed. The building will reopen for business on Thursday morning.

OIT Tech Support can still be reached by calling 3-1222. More Information

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How the new ohio.edu benefits you

Ohio University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is putting the finishing touches on the newly redesigned front door to ohio.edu. The project is a partnership effort between UCM and OIT. The new look is based on recommendations made by a university-wide group tasked with examining user preferences and Internet trends to guide the changes made to the front door. The new ohio.edu will launch in fall of 2014.

OHIO's new website infographic_435

UCM Executive Director Renea Morris explained in-depth the process and reasoning behind the changes made to ohio.edu in her Branding OHIO series featured on Compass. Click the following links to learn more about the strategy involved in giving ohio.edu a fresh new look:

Branding OHIO through its website: Part 1

Branding OHIO through its website: Part 2

Branding OHIO through its website: Part 3

Branding OHIO through its website: Part 4