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The 2012 recipients of 1804 Fund Awards

Faculty research and graduate studies category, total awards: $146,022

  • Project: "School of Film 3-D Digital Cinema Infrastructure Initiative"

    Recipient: D. Thomas Hayes, School of Film

    Amount: $33,000 ($23,000 Graduate and $10,000 Undergraduate)

  • Project: "Healthy Living Initiative Graduate Research Experience"

    Recipients: Mario Grijalva, OU-HCOM Department of Biomedical Sciences; Jose Delgado, Latin American Studies Program, Center for International Studies; Tom Smucker, International Development, Center for International Studies; and Lawrence Wood, Communications and Development Studies Center for International Studies.

    Amount: $35,200

  • Project: "Perspectives Special Edition: Graduate Student Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity at Ohio University"

    Recipient: Andrea Gibson, Office of Research Communications

    Amount: $11,340

  • Project: "Technology Augmented Team-Building in Interprofessional Health Science Graduate Education"

    Recipients: John McCarthy, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders; Christina Nyirati, School of Nursing; Alexander Sergeev, Department of Social and Public Health; Nicole Wadsworth, OU-HCOM Department of Family Medicine; David Moore, Department of Educational Studies; and Andrew Krause, School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness.

    Amount: $21,163.60

  • Project: "Making Sense of MS/PD Narratives"

    Recipients: Jenny Nelson, School of Media Arts and Studies; and Karin Sandell, School of Media Arts and Studies.

    Amount: $18,499.38

  • Project: "Development of a Multidisciplinary Certificate Program in Clinical Informatics"

    Recipients: Averell Overby, School of Physical Therapy; Matthew Adeyanju, Department of Social and Public Health; Cynthia Marling, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Brian Phillips, Department of Social and Public Health; and Mark Weinberg, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.

    Amount: $36,819

Undergraduate learning pool category, total awards: $154,119

  • Project: "Math Online Problem Banks"

    Recipient: Giorgi Shonia, Lancaster Campus Mathematics Department

    Amount: $6,600

  • Project: "Humanities Teaching Fellows"

    Recipient: Thomas Carpenter, Department of Classics and World Religions

    Amount: $7,500

  • Project: "Sustainability at the Ridges"

    Recipient: Jennifer Klein, Allen Student Help Center

    Amount: $1,600

  • Project: "Women of Appalachia Conference: CESisters in Science"

    Recipient: Matthew Wanat, Lancaster Campus College of Arts and Sciences

    Amount: $4,500

  • Project: "Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Ohio University"

    Recipient: Brittany Calhoun, Department of Social and Public Health

    Amount: $5,000

  • Project: "The M. Boyd Scholars Program"

    Recipient: Patricia McSteen, University College

    Amount: $16,759

  • Project: "Co-Teaching for Innovation in Appalachian Schools"

    Recipient: John Henning, Department of Teacher Education

    Amount: $15,840

  • Project: "Guided and Open-Inquiry Laboratory Education in Organic Chemistry"

    Recipient: Klaus Himmeldirk, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Amount: $20,000

  • Project: "nanO-stUdio: An Interactive Undergraduate Laboratory of Nanotechnology to Enhance Research and Outreach at Ohio University"

    Recipient: Savas Kaya, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Amount: $20,000

  • Project: "Acquisition of Equipment for CEThe Principles of Brewing Science"

    Recipient: Michael Held, Department of Chemistry

    Amount: $10,380

  • Project: "The Expansion of the Required Senior Class: Mechatronics"

    Recipient: Junghun Choi, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Amount: $16,800

  • Project: "Ghana Poverty Alleviation Workshop"

    Recipient: Greg Emery, Global Leadership Center

    Amount: $6,900

  • Project: "Voinovich Collections Web Archive Project"

    Recipient: Anirudh Ruhil, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs

    Amount: $6,840

  • Project: "Environmental Health, Sustainability and Media Awareness: A Regional Study"

    Recipient: Orianna Carter, Southern Campus College of Arts and Sciences

    Amount: $5,400