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Move In Parking Information - Fall Semester 2013

Parking Services would like to make the student community aware of the parking regulations as they relate to move in  Monday, Aug. 19 through Sunday, Aug. 25.
Parking restrictions will be adjusted during this period to accommodate the large number of students who will be moving in and requiring access to dorm areas for loading and unloading purposes.

The following regulations ONLY APPLY during the Fall Semester 2013 Move in period;  Aug. 19–25.

The purple lots will be open parking areas in a valid, legal space. No time restriction applies in the purple lots provided the vehicle is not at a meter and is in a valid space.

The dark green lots will be open parking areas in a valid, legal space. No time restriction applies in the dark green lots provided the vehicle is not at a meter and is in a valid space.

All other University lots will be open to students who are moving in but with a time restriction. Parking within a lot not designated as purple or dark green is limited to 30 minutes per vehicle and someone must be present with the car at all times during this 30 minutes. For parking needs exceeding 30 minutes, please utilize the dark green or purple areas.

Many students park within fire lanes during the move in/move out periods. Please be aware there is NO parking permitted within a Fire lane. For this purpose Parking can be defined as the vehicle stopped, unoccupied and not running. However, Stopping in a Fire lane is permissible. For this purpose Stopping can be defined as the vehicle stopped, occupied (or occupant in the immediate vicinity) and running (or available to be moved immediately by the person in the immediate vicinity).

Therefore during move-in, vehicles may be stopped in the fire lanes but not parked as long as the stopped vehicle is occupied or someone with the legal means to move the vehicle is in the immediate vicinity. Vehicles STOPPING in a fire lane is limited to a 30 minute maximum. This maximum is to ensure all students are afforded the ability to park in these areas and load their vehicles. Please pack all items within your dorm before parking your vehicle in a loading area. Vehicles should only be in a loading area when items are physically being loaded in the vehicle. Exceeding 30 minutes in a loading area will result in a fine.

All fees must be paid at a meter. Please see each meter for fees and time limits.

Please do not park within a handicap space if you do not have a disability permit. Handicap spaces are for those with mobility issues who poses a disability permit. Parking within a handicap space without the appropriate permit will result in associated fines.

Please review the campus parking map located at: http://www.ohio.edu/athens/parking/ 

Please contact Parking Services with questions or concerns. 740-593-1917 or parking@ohio.edu

Published: Aug 16, 2013