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Deborah Gearhart

Deb Gearhart elected to lead WCET Steering Committee 

The WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) announced that Deb Gearhart will assume the vice chair position at the WCET Annual Meeting Nov. 19-21, in Portland, Ore.  

Gearhart, vice provost for eLearning and Strategic Partnerships at Ohio University, was elected to serve as the 2014-2015 vice chair. She will rise to the chair position for 2015-2016.  

The WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) is the leading national, non-profit, member-driven organization devoted to advancing excellence in technology-enhanced higher education, working at the intersection of practice, policy and technology.



Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman's work will be included in an exhibition, titled Take 10 at Water Street Gallery in Douglas, Michigan. She is one of 10 new artists to exhibiti at the gallery.  Her work will be displayed from May 3 to June 4.


Brooke Hallowell

Honors of the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Brooke Hallowell to be awarded April 10 at the Annual Conference of the CAPCSD.


Stacy Leeman

Solo Exhibition 

Stacy Leeman will be having a solo Exhibition at sharon weiss Gallery, titled Hidden Presence.  The opening will be Sunday, March 2 from 2-4 p.m. and the exhibition will run through March 30.


Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman's painting Upstream W#13 will be on display at Valdsosta National 2014 at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Ga. 


Sheida Shirvani and Purba Das

Regional campus professors co-author article 

Dr. Sheida Shirvani, professor of Communication Studies at Ohio University Zanesville, and her colleague, Dr. Purba Das, assistant professor of Communication Studies at Ohio University Southern, have collaborated on an article for the Ohio Communication Journal.

Discussing the desire of writers and researchers who sought to understand the roots and bases of Islamist politics, reform and discourse in the face of growing negative public perceptions about Islam and Muslims, the two investigated the political climate by analyzing the French Hijab ban controversy reported in The New York Times and contextualized the issue in an American context in their publication entitled, "Discourse of Muslim Identity in the Context of the French Hijab Ban."


Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman's painting Upstream W#13 will be on display at Valdsosta National 2014 at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. 


Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman's painting Upstream W#14 will be on display at the 3rd annual 2-d exhibition at Armstrong Atlantic State University from January 13-28. 


Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman's painting Vessel #11 will be on display at the Lilliputian's March a national small works competition at Purdue University from March 10 through April 27. 


Stacy Leeman

Award recipient 

Stacy Leeman is the recent recipient of the Donni Dingman Memorial Award, from the Shades of Pastel National Exhibit, Delapaine Visual Arts and Education Center, Frederick, Maryland

Dr. Ken Collins

Audio Production as Part of a Two-Year Degtree Program in an Appalachian Setting: The Example of Ohio University at Zanesville 

Associate Professor Ken Collins was published in the October 2013 (4:4) edition of Journal of Media Education, an online publication of the Broadcast Education Association. His article includes multimedia links to a student video and a joint student-faculty radio commercial promoting the Electronic Media Program at OUZ. 


Bernhard Debatin

Featured Speaker at Digital Ethics Conference 

Journalism Professor Dr. Bernhard Debatin will be a featured speaker at the Third Annual Symposium on Digital Ethics in Chicago  on Oct. 4. The symposium is organized by the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy and takes place at the Loyola University Chicago Water Tower Campus.

In addition to keynote speaker Douglas Rushkoff ("Present Shock"), there will be eight featured speakers, including Dr. Debatin and former Media Arts And Studies professor Mia Consalvo (now Concordia University, Montreal). The conference website is at http://digitalethics.org/events/third-annual-international-symposium-on-digital-ethics/.


Bernhard Debatin Geoff Buckley Michele Morrone

International Conference in the Ukraine 

Ohio University Delegation to Travel to International Conference in the Ukraine

This September, four professors from Ohio University will travel to the Carpathians/Appalachians International Conference 2013 at the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (PNU) in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. The journey to the Carpathians will take place from Sept. 21-28 and include a stay at a conference center in the little mountain village of Mykulychyn.

The conference will explore similarities between the Appalachian and Carpathian cultures, economies, and histories. For the Ohio University delegation, Dr. Geoff Buckley (Georgraphy) will first give a presentation on the environmental and social impact of mountaintop removal mining. Dr. Bernhard Debatin (Journalism) will then talk about the public debate on hydraulic fracturing, highlighting the difference between optimistic industry projections and the "hidden costs" of fracking for residents, the environment, and the tax payer. In her presentation, Dr. Michele Morrone (Social and Public Health) will explore effects of fracking on human health and the scientific uncertainty surrounding this issue. A cultural-linguistic comparison of the Appalachian and Carpathian Highlands is the focus of Dr. Michelle O'Malley (Linguistics) paper, with a particular emphasis on the separateness of these cultures from contemporary mainstream culture.



Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman will have two works on display at the 77th annual Midyear exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art.  The exhibition opens on June 30 and runs through Aug. 18.


Stacy Leeman


Stacy Leeman will have 3 paintings in the 34th Annual Mini-Works on Paper exhibition at Jacksonville State University.


Stacy Leeman

Stacy Leeman to exhibit work 

Stacy Leeman's Drawing#27 will be on display at the 23rd Annual Mid Atlantic Art exhibition at D'Art Center in Norfolk, Va.


David H. Holben, PhD, RD, LD Michele Morrone, PhD

Grant Received and Ecological Nutrition Lecture Series Planned 

Holben and Morrone received Fulbright Canada-RBC Eco-Leadership Program Grant for their Ecological Nutrition Lecture Series at Ohio University.  All events take place in Grover Center W115 from 7-8pm.  Refreshments provided.

Jan 31:  The Health Benefits of Eating Local
Feb 21:  The Economic Benefits of Building a Sustainable Food System
Mar 21:  Are Local Foods Safter for You and the Environment?
April 18:  Developing Local Initiatives to Build a Sustainable Food System


Stacy Leeman

Artists works on display 

STACY LEEMAN, ART INSTRUCTOR has three paintings that will be on display at Expo 32 at BJ Spoke Gallery in Huntington, N.Y., April 2-28.


Mingun Lee Anne E. Fortune

Do we need more “Doing” activities or “Thinking” activities in the field practicum? 

How do MSW students learn new professional skills in field practicum? Does students' reflection affect the use of other learning activities during the field practicum?  Students in field practica participate in activities that involve observation, doing (participatory), and conceptual linkage. In this study of MSW students, conceptual linkage activities represent students' overall reflective capacity to integrate classroom theory and field practice. The results indicate that conceptual linkage activities are more strongly related to learning outcomes than observation or participatory activities. There is also a significant interaction effect between participatory activities and conceptual linkage activities when students' satisfaction is considered. Discussion includes suggestions for increasing students' reflection to integrate classroom and field. 


Mingun Lee Anne E. Fortune

Patterns of Field Learning Activities and their Relation to Learning Outcomes 

Field practicum is an active learning process. This study identified the different learning stages or processes that student experience during their field practicum. 

First-year MSW students in field practica were asked how much they had engaged in educational learning activities such as observation, working independently, process recordings, and conceptual linkage activities for their practice. Forty eight students completed a questionnaire three times over the first-year field practicum. The results showed that observation and process recording decreased over the time points. However, most of participatory activities and conceptual linkage activities increased. Conceptual linkage activities were more strongly related to learning outcomes than observational or participatory activities. The discussion includes suggestions for enhancing student learning over the course of field practicum.