Cap and Gown Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I go about ordering my cap & gown?

If you are applying for spring graduation, you will be instructed to order your cap & gown during the application process. If you applied for graduation during a different semester, or if you did not order your cap & gown when you filled out the spring graduation application, you will need to place your order via the “Student Full Packages” link at the following website .

2. I just need a cap/tassel/hood. How do I order an individual item?

Please visit, and click on “Student Individual Pieces.”

3. I have a cap and gown from my high school/undergraduate/masters graduation - can I just wear that?

The cap and gown fabric and shade of black are specific to Ohio University, so you may not wear regalia from a graduation ceremony at another institution. Also, the gown style is different for each level of degree earned (undergraduate, masters, doctoral), so you will need to order the appropriate cap & gown associated with your degree.

4. Does my order include the tassel and/or hood, or do I have to order those separately?

Your package includes a cap, gown, tassel and hood (if earning a graduate-level degree). You do not need to order a tassel and/or hood separately.

5. What if I am earning two degrees and want a tassel for both degrees? (Applies only to undergraduates.)

You will need to place a separate order for a second tassel. The cap & gown package includes only one tassel, even if you are earning two degrees; however, be sure to verify the tassel color associated with each degree as some degrees within the same college have the same tassel color.

6. Why isn’t the charge for my cap & gown order showing up on my e-bill?

If you placed your order through our Cashnet site you were instructed to pay with a credit or debit card, so your student account will not be billed.  If you ordered through the spring graduation application your bill should show a total of the $50 graduation fee as well as the package price for the regalia needed for the ceremony.  E-bill’s do not itemize the purchase.


7. When and where do I pick up my cap & gown order?

Pick-ups will take place on the 5th floor of Baker Center during the days and times listed on our website:

8. Can my order be mailed to me?

At this time, it is not feasible for us to ship cap & gown orders to their recipients.

9. Can a friend pick up my package for me?

Yes – he or she will just need a valid driver’s license or student ID so that our staff can keep track of who picked up your cap & gown.

10. I attend a branch campus – can I pick up my cap & gown there?

Yes. Contact your campus’ dean’s office to find out when and where pick-ups will take place.


11. Something came up and I no longer plan to walk at the ceremony, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds for cap & gown sales.

12. What if my gown doesn’t fit, or the tassel/hood color is wrong, etc.? Can I make an exchange?

Yes. To exchange the item, please go to Baker Center 401 during the days and times listed on our website.

Honor Cords

13. I think I’m eligible for honor cords - how do I get them?
You will be issued your honor cords when you pick up your cap & gown. Notify the staff that you believe you’re eligible for honor cords. They will check the academic honors list issued by the Provost, and give you the appropriate cords.

14. Do master’s and doctoral students get honor cords?

Tradition dictates that because master’s and doctoral graduates wear hoods, they do not receive honor cords.